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The Funniest 80 Minutes of Nondual Nonsense Ever!

The Funniest 80 Minutes of Nondual Nonsense Ever!

May 20, 2020

Michael Gungor, who once described himself as an "Apophatic mystic Hindu pantheist Christian Buddhist skeptic with a penchant for nihilistic progressive existentialism," has known the secret of his True Nature for several years. He is the founder of the very successful Christian rock band, Gungor

In 2019, Michael wanted to learn how to communicate this truth more fruitfully and was a member of The Living Method's Teacher-to-Teacher Program. We got together to record a show for his podcast, Loving THIS. He also heads up another very popular podcast, The Liturgists.

We got together yesterday to record an interview for one or both of his podcasts, and this is what happened. My stomach is still aching from the laughter.

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